One Story of Love + Courage

One Story of Love + Courage

My friend Jinder is afraid of heights.

Knee-shaking, uncontrollable sweating afraid.

He’s also in love.

His girlfriend wanted to eat dinner in a 200 ft crane above the city of Vancouver.

He took her.

(Yes- that's the two lovebirds up in the sky!)

Love gives us courage. 

Aristotle told us that courage is the most important of all human virtues, as it makes all other right action possible.

I’m not one to argue with the Foal, but maybe love is the anchoring ingredient. Or, perhaps, love makes courage possible.

Think of the person who enters a burning building to save their beloved pet.

Or, the person who faces their aversion to flying just so they can finally see where their ancestors came from.

Even the person who attends a Toastmaster’s meeting to quell their fear of public speaking, because it will give them the skill to earn the job they’ve been dreaming of. (Self-Love)

Next time you’re trying to muster the might to accomplish a task , think about the why behind your action.  If the why is love, you may just be unstoppable.

If it’s not, why the hell are you doing it anyway?

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