...more clarity and vision.

Working with Brooke, I’ve gained more clarity into my goals and vision. I am slowly learning the power of slowing down and answering deep questions. I've realized the answers to my questions resided within me all along. But I wasn't able to unlock them without Brooke’s guiding questions. I am learning that I need to practice putting myself through similar conversations.

I didn’t quite know what to expect with coaching, but I’ve gotten more than I imagined. I love how Brooke listens, empathizes but still challenging me to explore deeper than the surface level.

Keep doing what you are doing, Brooke! It's working wonders for me.

-NS, Entrepreneur

“…took me to the core of my confusion…”

In mere 45 minute one-on-one coaching session, Brooke helped me unravel the foundational elements of a dilemma in my professional life that I was struggling with for months. Brooke took me to the core of my confusion and helped me understand the values at play. She is an outstanding coach, an amazing person, and takes an individual and personal approach to the success and development of her clients. By the end of one coaching session with Brooke, I knew myself better. 

-RA, Corporate Lawyer

"I am capable of anything"

After several sessions with Brooke I can honestly say that this is her calling.

Regardless of the magnitude of the struggles I was facing, she was always there to provide me with support without any judgment.

She is very passionate about helping others realize their potential and that is exactly what she did for me. Even on days I doubted my strength, she was always there to remind me that I am capable of anything.

I was able to relate to her because of her authenticity, courage and the fact that she leads by example.

- HM, Energy Analyst

"More success than I could have imagined"

Brooke helped me to find my OWN authentic power. Many people who claim to be leaders want people to be like them; however, Brooke inspired and encouraged me to be myself. Brooke’s perceptive nature helped me recognized unhealthy patterns and she supported me as I explored the ways that I had been limiting my full potential.

Brooke always brings compassion and deep empathy to our relationship—willing to sit with me in discomfort, without having to fade it, or fix it. I’ve left jobs that were “fine”, but didn’t harness my full potential, and relationships where I wasn’t seen or understood, because Brooke helped me see that that I am deserving of an exceptional life. Life will find ways of limiting me and bringing me hardship—why would I allow my own decisions to contribute to those limitations? Brooke reframed the notion of “change” from the antithesis of safety, to an opportunity to build something greater. She has supported me in developing a growth mindset, and I couldn’t have overcome the many personal, professional and academic challenges I’ve faced without it.

The most transformative lesson I’ve learned was the practice of listening to myself without judgement. When I was able to be honest with others and myself (which is sometimes harder), only then, was I able to move forward in a direction that ignites my power and was authentic to me. I want to feel like I am living a life that is truly my own, and with Brooke’s support I’ve achieved more personal, professional and academic success than I could have imagined. Brooke has shown me the importance of nourishing myself, and how that enables me to nourish others. I now know that the greatest gift I can offer the world is myself—my talents, my perspective and my voice.

- KR, J.D. Candidate