Expander Accelerator Program

Expander Accelerator Program


Are you a young leader who is keen to build your impact potential? Do you know about the growing trend among professionals to hire personal coaches to achieve incredible awareness and crush goals? Executives and their companies invest a significant amount into coaching. In 2016, the International Coach Federation found that among executives who received personal coaching:

- 73% noticed an increase in communication skills

- 80% noted an improvement in confidence

- 72% saw a significant improvement in their relationships

Personal coaching is a major influence in the development, character building and clarity of personal vision for emerging leaders. However, personal coaching is cost-prohibitive for most young people. Through the launch of the Expander Accelerator Program, Self Expansion Coaching is making this valuable personal growth tool available to current and recent university graduates.

The Expander Accelerator program will provide emerging leaders the opportunity to explore their self concept, mental models, and personal vision. Are you open to expanding and accelerating your leadership and personal journey? The Expander Accelerator program provides ten 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions (over video conferencing and booked on your schedule), reflection tools, and membership in a small confidential and moderated group to connect with other young leaders.

Coaching is a life-changing experience that will help you to explore questions such as:

How do I get in touch with my voice, when there are so many external voices I listen to both consciously and subconsciously?

How do I integrate my personal interests with my career and lifestyle plans?

How do I make quality decisions?

What is my purpose?

How do I connect with my personal vision?

Through your partnership with your coach, you will expand your awareness and uncover opportunities to grow your personal impact potential. Working with a coach will increase your confidence, creativity, and capabilities.

The cost of this program is $275. Young leaders serious about maximizing their potential and creating their own unique value proposition are encouraged to apply!

The Expander Accelerator program is accepting applications from now until October 31, and kick starts on November 12. Only ten spots are available- apply today!

*Note that you will be prompted to purchase this service if you are accepted into the program. Apply for one of ten available spots by clicking here.

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