Working with a Coach

As your coach, I am your partner in achieving the goals that have felt a bit out of reach, or which feel too audacious to tackle on your own. Together we will assess where you are and observe the inner beliefs that are guiding your life. We work together to discover and design the life you truly want to lead, while taking real steps to tap into your inner greatness today

While we work towards your best life, my commitment is always that

  1. You set the agenda.

  2. YOU are the expert on you- and I am the expert at coaxing out your brilliance.

  3. I bring my full self to all of our work together.

Coaching is a partnership that maximizes human potential. As a coach, I work with people from a resourceful view (in contrast with therapy's pathological view). As a coach, I believe in these core principles:

1. People are whole, and simultaneously moving toward a fuller experience of their wholeness.

2. People are inherently resourceful and wise.

3. Honoring the full diversity of experience expands awareness.

4. People have the freedom to choose how they respond.

5. Much more is possible than any of us can imagine.

I work with people with incredibly diverse professional and personal backgrounds. I work best with clients who: 

  • Are ambitious (but might not know how to tap into that power yet)

  • Are highly motivated to see real life changes (and are maybe a little freaked out about these changes, too!)

  • Consider themselves any or all of the following: meaning-seekers, adventurers, creatives, leaders, spiritual beings, boss bitches

Minimum coaching commitment: 3 months or 6 sessions.